Ibrahim Al-Rafaie – Story of Escaping Palestine in 1948

Throughout my life I have witnessed large scale attempts to hide or skew the truth of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. My first experience with this was as a teenager in the USA when my father filed paperwork to become a permanent resident. His application reflected that he was born in Yaffa, Palestine. The immigration services refused to take his application until he changed the place of his birth to anywhere else. Even as a teenager, I felt this was wrong. Were they trying to change our history? Trying to fool the world that Palestine didn’t exist?

This is an attempt to preserve the truth, one story at a time, starting with my Grandfather’s story. I encourage all Palestinians to do the same. The world needs to hear our stories. Let the world know that Palestine Speaks!

- Rami Abdallah, Grandson of Ibrahim Al-Rafaie


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